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“Andria was very attuned and intuitive and spot on! Informed me of how she works and what to expect from the reading. Without me telling her any specifics about me she was able to tune into my emotional state and was able to tell what preoccupies me and worries me the most.

She was able to tell that someone has a “blood related illness”. A family member was having a blood transfusion that day. She was very accurate about a couple other things as well. As I was listening to her, I felt a deep warm connection with her. I will definitely recommend her and will return. “



I had the pleasure of having a private reading with Psychic Reader Andria for the first time. I have been to other Psychics before, but Andria has a style all her own. It was nothing like I have ever experienced before, From the moment you speak to her she makes you feel comfortable and explains everything on a personal level like she has been your friend for years.

Andria was spot on with my reading even telling me how I felt and what I was thinking at the time of the reading. Everything I wanted her to focus on was answered. I highly recommend her, and she is now in my contacts for a reading every time I want one.



Psychic Reader Andria is amazing. From the minute she heard my voice on the phone, she picked up on my feelings immediately. My focus was on career and finances. Andria explained to me exactly what was going on in my career at the present time and how my past lead up to my career now along with my financial situation. She added personal events happening in my life now that were in addition to what I was focusing on. I will definitely speak to her again.

Michael, Client


Psychic Reader Andria is the real deal. Once you have a reading with her, you will never want to go to another Psychic Reader again. She is so accurate and goes into the deepest depths of your life from past, present and future and advises you what will happen in the future and how you will react to it. Psychic Reader Andria is very intuitive and empathetic in her readings. I am glad I found her.



I went to Psychic Reader Andria’s website and decided to call for a reading. Wow is all I can say. It’s like she has known me all my life. When Andria reads you, she goes deep into all the aspects of the question. She gave me times and dates of when things in my life will happen plus much more. I have had Psychic readings in the past but Andria is who I am going to stay with.


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